Our goal is to create, to develop and to sell innovative solutions for 3D shape decoration for many market applications. Our technology and our expertise help to save time in decoration process, this is why our solutions are essential for designers, printers and manufacturers.

Over the years, Quadraxis team has enlarged its knowledge field to offer different powerful solutions to apply decoration on thermoformed parts, drawing metal parts, shrink and stretch sleeves, or IMD/IML.

Increasingly sought-after, our software technology now serves the industries of automotive, gaming, telecommunications, electronics, appliances, leisure goods, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food&Beverage, aerospace and shipbuilding, among others. And with its solutions, Quadraxis is always eager to work on the challenging projects these industries come up with.

Quadraxis head office is located in Cherbourg, France, and can rely on different agents that help the company to cover Europe, North and South America, as well as Asia.